BIGTREETECH Manta E3EZ enclosure (version 6)

It has been a couple months since I last wrote about the Ender 3 Pro inspired 3D printer that will be running Klipper (as opposed to running Marlin Firmware). The project itself is still progressing, albeit slowly. All of the frame parts have had the anodizing stripped off with lye and subsequently painted with an off-white enamel.

The base of the printer is assembled and linear rails have been installed on the Y-axis. Over the last month or so, much of my time for this project has been dedicated to testing materials and correct fitment for the 3D printed components, like the enclosure for the BIGTREETECH Manta E3EZ controller board as well as a set of drawers. I wasted a lot of expensive carbon fiber filament by not prototyping parts first in cheap PLA, but I subsequently learned my lesson on that front. I have tons of random colors of PLA, why not use a spool of that.

I settled on polycarbonate carbon fiber from Prusa. Why? I like the satin finish, there are barely any extrusion marks and it is incredibly strong. The model I used for the enclosure is based on Ender 3 (V2) front case for BTT Manta E3 EZ, for stock board/SKR Mini E3, and for Orange Pi Zero 2. You can find all of model iterations that I did here. As of this writing, I have not included the case cover because I have yet to create it.

Other notable milestones on the project include a shift from Creality Sprite Pro to a BIQU H2O Liquid Cooled Hotend. Why? Because it can handle filaments that require high temperatures, like PEI (PolyEther Imide) which requires extrusion temperatures over 365° C, or PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone), which requires extrusion of up to 410° C. There would be other requirements, like a heated enclosure for those types of filament, but that is for another upgrade down the road.