Silver and Gold Spot Prices


Price: $xx.xxxx

Change: $x.xxxx

Change %: x.xxxx


Price: $xxxx.xxxx

Change: $xx.xxxx

Change %: x.xxxx

  • Calculation: The ratio is calculated by dividing the current market price of one ounce of gold by the current market price of one ounce of silver.
  • Historical Significance: Historically, the ratio has been used as both a form of currency and a gauge of economic stability, sometimes being fixed as part of a bimetallic standard.
  • Market Indicator: The silver/gold ratio helps in understanding the relative performance of silver against gold, indicating which metal might be undervalued or overvalued.
  • Trading and Investment Strategy: Some investors use the ratio as a guide for buying silver when the ratio is high and gold when the ratio is low.
  • Economic Indicators: The ratio can reflect broader economic conditions, with silver's industrial uses influencing its demand.
  • Volatility of Silver: Silver is typically more volatile than gold, leading to larger swings in the ratio.