There are a number of Arduino shields and accessory modules for LoRaWAN use. Below is a list that is in no way comprehensive. If you know of other compatible shields and modules, it would be great if you opened a Github Issue with your recommendation. Please include a short label/title and a link to the module.
Device Notes
Cytron LoRa-RFM Shield Arduino Uno (Rev 3) and compatible boards
LoRa Shield for Arduino - RFM96 915Mhz Arduino Uno (Rev 3) and compatible boards
Lora RFM95 Shield-915MHZ-V1.1 Arduino Uno (Rev 3) and compatible boards; Eagle files
Grove - Wio-E5 (STM32WLE5JC) (Wiki) (Digi-Key) Arduino Mega or similar; requires more than one Serial interface; AT commands used.
Adafruit RFM95W LoRa Radio Transceiver Breakout (Digi-Key) Requires 3.3v; Comprehensive instructions at Adafruit
Lora 915Mhz Module SX1276 Wireless Transceiver Module Instructions; requires 3.3v, module is available in various form factors